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In 2014, when I was 16 years old, I got a letter (not an email, a letter) from a local elementary school student who was a fan of my book Quest for Justice. He wanted me to come and talk to his school for their Reading Week. Little did I know that that 4th grader’s invitation was the beginning of an amazing journey for me. I did a presentation at his school about my book and how I went about writing it. It was really well-received.

As you can see from my recent events, since then I’ve done many presentations at schools, libraries, and museums in person and via Skype. As I did more and more presentations, I realized that students love to create stories as much as I do, whether it be in their imagination, playing with friends or writing. Teachers constantly have told me after my talks how amazing it was that the kids were totally invested in my presentation from start to finish.presentation It became apparent that, in a world where it is so hard to keep kids engaged, the one thing they will usually pay attention to is Minecraft. I saw this as an opportunity to use my story to educate kids about the storytelling process and inspire them to write stories for themselves. Since then, after nearly every presentation that I’ve done, at least one of the kids has come up to me and said that as soon as they get home, they’re going to write their own story. I’m so amazed by the inspiration that my story has given to kids, and I’m incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to inspire young minds.

I believe that education that entertains, and entertainment that educates, make for wonderful synergies that empower both, and have made that a major part of my writing. I am currently working with my publisher to create Teacher Guides for the use of my book in classrooms around the world. I spoke at MineCon 2015 in London on a panel of experts discussing the use of Minecraft in the classroom. If you or your organization is interested in having me give a presentation, you can use this form to request scheduling an appearance. To get a broader scope of Minecraft in education, visit MinecraftEdu.


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5th Grade Classroom Skype – Mark Grundel – New Jersey
Thank you so much for the wonderful Skype call with my 5th Grade Class. My students enjoyed speaking with a real life author and learning so much from you. You helped my children realize that even a kid, not much older than them, can make a difference in the world and produce real, authentic writing that is recognized internationally.
After Skyping with you, my students were excited to begin writing their own creative stories. Your writing and own personal story served as a motivational tool for my students. It helped them realize that accomplishing their goals will not always be easy, but in the end, with hard work and perseverance, it will be worth it.
Thank you so much and I hope to continue our relationship, Skyping with my students, for many years to come!

Eldredge and Hanaford Elementary Schools, East Greenwich, RI

Thank you, again, Sean, for your wonderful program at our upper elementary schools. Each of your programs at our schools, from grades 3-12, has been right on target for the age group and a great introduction to and inspiration for students not only in terms of writing about your interests and passion, but also how to follow through an idea and stay focused, even in the midst of frustration and disappointment. Here is some of the feedback we received:
“He is one of the best author programs we have ever had. He had a lot of messages regarding bullying, hard work, following your passions, feeling ok about writing, to name just a few – yet it was so subtle that the kids were never bored!” Third grade teacher, Eldredge

“He was so cool. I can’t believe he wrote three books and he’s my brother’s age!” Third grade student, Hanaford

“Terrific, just terrific.” Peggy Chace. Librarian, Eldredge

Thank you!

West Elementary School, Grades 4&5, Andover, MA

We were pleased to have author Sean Fay Wolfe visit our 4th and 5th grade classes. The students could
really relate to Sean and his enthusiasm for Minecraft. They were impressed that he was so young when
he wrote his first book, “Elementia” and that he was inspired himself by an author visit. He left the
students with a positive message that they shouldn’t give up and that dreams are possible at any age.
Our staff was very impressed with how Sean kept the students engaged and how he got them thinking
creatively and passionately about things that they could write about themselves. They liked how he
touched upon the revision and hard work needed to write successfully. They thought his presentation
was an enjoyable learning experience that got the students excited about reading and writing. He was
such a nice young man. He was a delight to have present at our school.
–Lisa Sheldon, West Elementary, MA

Archie Cole Middle School,Grades 6&8, East Greenwich, RI

Dear Sean,
Thank you so much for the fabulous presentation at Archie Cole Middle School. The overwhelming response from both teachers and students was “COOL!” Your entertaining and inspiring program engaged the students – and this is not an easy age group to engage! – and teachers alike. It is helpful and hopeful for tweens to hear that they should continue to express their creativity, no matter how “weird” or “different” their hobby may be – and also that it is a fact of life that people will be both nice and annoying. Here is some of the feedback we have received:
“I still can’t believe he is almost my age and he wrote all of those books. And on Minecraft. That is so cool!” 6th grade student
“Sean’s message to the students that they all have something they can write about was great timing as we enter our creative writing block. Now I can reference him in my lessons. He just made my job easier!” 6th grade teacher
“I enjoyed his presentation as much as the kids, and I barely understand what Minecraft is!” 8th grade teacher
“I keep having ideas for books. I am going to try to write one.” 8th grade student
It is clear that Archie Cole students and educators are your new fan base!
So thank you again!

Best regards,
Lisa Sussman
Director, Cultural Organization of the Arts

Skype Presentation at World of Wonder Summer Discovery Days: Minecraft, Minerals and Mining – California

We cannot thank you enough for all of your help during our program today. We have never had such a positive response from our students or their parent’s about our programs. You were so kind, knowledgeable and professional during our skype session. …. You are an amazing young man and the Napa Valley Museum is one of your biggest supporters!

Pat Alexander
Director of Education, Museum-in-the-Classroom
Napa Valley Museum

Hampden Meadows School – RI

I want to thank you and Sean for such a TREMENDOUS presentation! He has such a great way with the kids and is so mature and composed. He even managed to make the adults laugh many times! What struck me was how many students showed up tonight who normally shy away from a larger chapter book. I’m always looking for a way to hook them. I didn’t have to look any further than Sean’s book. I will definitely recommend Sean’s presentation to other librarians and teachers. He made a real connection with the audience and explained the writing process in a way everyone could understand.

Mrs. Melanie Roy, NBCT, Library Media Specialist,
Hampden Meadows School

Blue Hill Public Library – Maine

I have been a Youth Services librarian for over 12 years and have never had such a successful Young Adult program as I did when Sean Wolfe came to the Blue Hill Public Library. Yes, Minecraft and pizza seem like a sure hit but Sean’s presentation was way beyond what I had expected. The 40 plus boys and girls were excited, engaged and educated during the evening and I haven’t seen the two copies of his book since!

Pat Horton
Youth Services Librarian
Blue Hill Public Library, Blue Hill Maine

Jamestown Schools – RI

I am the school librarian over at Jamestown and the lucky recipient of two copies of your book donated by Mrs. R. Well, I have never had a hold list so long, so many students coming in to request a book, so many “reluctant readers” begging for a hold on Minecraft: Quest for Justice, that I just had to contact you.

Lisa Casey
School Librarian, Jamestown, RI

A Classroom Teacher Review – Texas

By Diane Petersonon May 21, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

As a teacher, when I came across this author initially through Twitter I was very intrigued because my 4th graders often talk about Minecraft. I bought the Kindle edition so I could easily preview it not knowing whether or not I would really want to buy a copy to have in my classroom. I’m so glad to have made the initial purchase because my students (and I) have been on fire with it ever since the About the Author page and the Prologue.

This read-aloud choice was definitely the class favorite of the year. One day, when I had to close reading time, one student said, “There’s never a good time to stop reading!” It’s true, because with a book like this one with well-developed characters, suspense, good vs evil, and lots of action, you don’t want to put it down.

We finished the book today, our last day of school. We were amazed by the ending and so watched the book trailer for Book 2: The Noctem Ascension. WOW! One student said, “I have to read that book!” What a fabulous way to end the year with kids excited for reading the next in the series.

Fabulous book!

By Beth Anne Goncalveson March 25, 2015
Format: Paperback

Sean Fay Wolfe came to our school to present his book “Quest for Justice: A Minecraft Novel.” Sean was a fabulous speaker, engaging the students in conversation about the book, as well as Minecraft in general, with a volley between explaining his craft and discussing the plot with students who had already read the book. One student remarked how she had never played Minecraft, but she could easily follow the story without previous knowledge of the game. Sean seemed humbled when she explained that she thoroughly enjoyed the book (and she’s an avid reader)! Several students were able to purchase copies at this event, and the school library received 3 copies. There is a long waiting list of students who are eager to read the book! We can’t keep the books on the shelves!!