Elementia Chronicles Character Biographies


STAN (Stan2012)

Stan never knew that he was destined to become the unlikely hero of Elementia. He was just an ordinary boy, struggling through his first year of high school, when a friend of his introduced him to Minecraft. He bought a copy of the game, and heard about a server named Elementia where the older players would help him learn how to play. He joined the server… and the rest is history.


CHARLIE (KingCharles_XIV)

Charlie had always wanted to be brave, but it was no use… he found himself scared by nearly everything. He stuck in his comfort zone, and seldom tried new things. Then, when he joined Elementia and met Stan, something happened: he felt a bit more confident in himself now that he wasn’t alone. Charlie had hope that, over the course of their time in Minecraft, Stan would help him to overcome his fears.

KAT (KitKat783)

Kat was used to getting what she wanted. She was in it for herself, and didn’t care if anybody in her way got hurt. She brought this same attitude to Minecraft, where she used her modest skills at the game to get her hands on powerful items and fast. It wasn’t until Stan asked her to travel with them that Kat finally felt compelled to act kindly towards somebody. Kat wondered what else she would learn as she followed Stan on his journey.

MR. A (Mr_A)

Mr. A has a past, that much is certain… but nobody knows what it is. Shrouded in mystery and anger, the tuxedo-toting player clearly has a vendetta against new players for reasons which Stan and his friends can only guess. What Stan and his friends don’t know is that Mr. A holds a dark secret that has the ability to save or destroy them. As the journey of Stan and his friends gains momentum, they can rest assured that, for better or for worse, Mr. A will always be right behind them.


Rex the dog enjoyed living a rambunctious pack life with his fellow wolves in the Great Wood of Elementia. However, when a group of players wandered through and tamed all of Rex’s friends and family, the poor little canine was left the wander the woods all alone. Although they may have had a bit of a rough start, joining Kat and her friends was the best thing that ever happened to Rex, and he’ll defend her with his life.


Lemon enjoyed his life as an ocelot, pouncing through the treetops of the jungle and chasing after chickens. But one day, as he slinked and weaved in between the boughs of the tallest tree in the jungle, he smelled something that he had never smelt before… something delicious. He investigated further and found Charlie holding a fish out to him, which he gratefully consumed. From that day onward, Lemon felt a strong bond with Charlie, and dauntlessly joined him on his quest.

KING KEV (King_Kev)

King Kev was once a benevolent ruler, opening his kingdom to all. It took a long time for him to begin to detest lower level players. Between the fear of the noobs’ increasing numbers, the rise to power of his best friend Avery, and advice from some power-hungry influences, King Kev’s mind eventually warped to the point of becoming an evil dictator. King Kev may appear to be too far gone to be saved, but there is still good in him, however lost it may be.

RAT1 (Geno, Becca99, Leonidas300)

The name of Royal Assassin Team 1 strikes fear in the hearts of all who hear it. Composed of sword master Geno, demolitions expert Becca, and master archer Leonidas, they were some of the most ruthless assassins in the dark days of King Kev’s rules. Although the were imprisoned for failing an important assignment long ago, King Kev is finally giving them another chance to hunt down Stan. With their lives on the line, RAT1 will give nothing short of their best.

ADORIA AND CRAZY STEVE (Adoria1, CrazySteve1026)

The Adorian Village is a safe haven for the new players of Elementia, where they can learn how to play Minecraft under the tutelage of several kind older players. Adoria, the mayor and founder of the village, is a wise, kind lady who cares for all new players and will do all she can to keep them safe. The food for the village is grown by Crazy Steve, a player addicted to Potion of Swiftness that might just be wiser than his spastic demeanor would lead you to believe.

SALLY (Sally1234)

As Adoria’s star pupil, Sally has devoted her life to the Adorian Village, teaching sword-fighting and crafting to new players while also making journeys across the server in the name of her teacher. While she does her best to teach all new students, when she meets Stan, she definitely sees something special in him. He doesn’t seem to know what it is, and even she herself isn’t sure… but she still won’t stop training Stan until he has met his full potential

JAYDEN, ARCHIE AND G (Jayden10, Archer40, Goldman2)

Besides Sally, Adoria has three other students among the first graduating class of the Adorian Village, all of whom stayed in the village to help train new players themselves. Jayden is one of the best of the uncommon axe fighters in Elementia. Archie has earned a reputation as a great archer, as evidenced by his name and his skeleton costume. Goldman, meanwhile, accels in close-range pickaxe combat and mining skills. Together, they deliver a well-rounded Minecraft education to the new players of Elementia.

THE APOTHECARY (Apothecary1)

The Apothecary is one of the two oldest players in Elementia, being the only living player besides King Kev who joined on the day that Elementia was first created. In that time, he developed himself into one of the greatest potioneers who ever lived. Though he was once one of King Kev’s closest friends, he now lives a life of seclusion in the jungle, wondering if he will ever get a chance to return Elementia to the glory days which he remembers so well.

THE NETHER BOYS (Bill33, Ben33, Bob33)

Once upon a time, three brothers named Bill, Ben and Bob were arrested for playing pranks on the citizens of Elementia. King Kev took pity on them and, seeing their enthusiasm for life, appointed them as the Chiefs of Exploration who charted the unknown lands of Elementia. However, after the King expected that they were involved in a rebellion against him, they were banished, and are now somewhere out in the server, simply trying to survive…


The story of the Mechanist is a tragic one. Once he was a great inventory, designing dozens of brilliant innovations for Element City and even inventing the modern TNT Cannon. However, following his banishment to the desert, he lost his lust for invention. Now, he spends his days sipping Potion of Slowness, living a stagnant life and hating every minute of it. Perhaps one day, he will be reminded of his old life, and get back on the right track.


Talking to Oob the NPC Villager, or any other member of his community, can be a challenging experience. He never understands anything the first time, he will often need things explained to him in great detail, and he has an annoying tendency to walk away in the middle of a conversation for no good reason. However, if you take the time to get to know Oob or any NPC Villager, you will find a loyal friend who will do all in their power to help you.

DZ (DieZombie97)

The self-proclaimed “King of the Desert,” DZ wasn’t banished to the Ender Desert like so many others. Instead, elected to give up his life of fame and fortune as a Spleef champion, sensing that the world of Elementia was about to take a dark turn. His prediction came true, and as Elementia lived on under the iron fist of King Kev, DZ remained untouched, happy with his life of solitude and excitement. He will probably never return to Element City… at least, not as long as King Kev is still in charge.

CAESAR AND CHARLEMAGNE (Caesar894, Charlemagne77)

Caesar and Charlemagne are two companions who always had one thing in common: their lust for power. They wanted to be in charge, and weren’t afraid to lie, cheat and manipulate to get there. The two of them convinced King Kev that the lower-level players were going to rise up against him, and he gave them more and more power to prevent that from happening. Now, King Kev depends on the duo, while they themselves comfortable sit on the top of the food chain in Elementia.

MINOTAURUS (Minotaurus)

There are some people in the world who just enjoy fighting, and Minotaurus is one of those people. Modded to have twice the size and strength of a normal player, he shouldn’t be allowed in Elementia according to the King’s laws. However, when asked to display his skills and brutality, Minotaurus rose wonderfully to the challenge, and King Kev allowed him to stay. He now spends his time as the head of the riot control, taking his love of violence with him on every job he tackles.