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The New Order

Book 2 of The Elementia Chronicles

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SPOILER ALERT: The New Order page contains spoilers to plot endings of Quest for Justice.

Four months have passed since Stan2012 defeated King Kev in battle and became President of the Minecraft server Elementia. Under the rule of Stan and his friends, Elementia has become one of the most successful servers in the history of Minecraft. However, all is not well in the Republic. Horrible incidents of terrorism begin occurring throughout Element City, committed by an ominous organization calling itself the Noctem Alliance. Although Stan and his friends do all they can to fight back against he Alliance, they find that it is near impossible to pin them down. As the gravity of the situation intensifies, Stan finds that rifts between  between his friends and amongst his people begins to grow as they are put under more and more stress on the cusp of a terrible war. Stan soon realizes that, if he is to keep justice alive, he will have to make decisions that pit good against evil, and friendship against power, as he prepares for the coming of unfathomable destruction.

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