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The New Order Launch fansHi, I’m Sean Fay Wolfe, the author of the Elementia Chronicles and the head of my company Diamond Axe Studios. I recently graduated high school, and have just started college at the University of Rhode Island (USA).

I love story telling and have been writing most of my life. The three books of The Elementia Chronicles are my first published books. I have several other action-adventure books in the works and am anxious to share them!

I am also an avid gamer. It was my love of the Minecraft game and the platform that it provides for endless creativity that inspired me to create the tale that I tell in the Elementia Chronicles. The story stays true to the game while being packed with action and adventure. I was inspired by some of my favorite books, such as “Harry Potter” and “The Hunger Games”, as well as my favorite animated TV series “Avatar The Last Airbender” and it’s sequel “The Legend of Korra.”

In addition to playing games, I love to create them. I taught myself to program in the Scratch online programming environment when I was 13. The link to my Diamond Axe Studios page has some of my games including fan games of Fruit Ninja and Super Mario Elements, and original games such as From the Ground Up and Ninth Force. They are free and play right in your browser!

When I’m not going to school, writing, and/or programming, I have various other interests. I am an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America where I enjoy camping and High Adventure trips; I am an accomplished martial artist and musician; and like spending time with my family.

I love talking to people about my books and interests, so feel free to reach out to me through my Contact page.