Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature: The Best Experience I’ve Ever Had


DSC_1328In early March, I left the United States for the second time in my writing career. This time, instead of heading to London, I traveled even further, to the Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Before I left, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know too much about Dubai, and I wasn’t sure how the event would measure up to those that I had done before. However, now that I’m back, I can safely say that the Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature was the best event that I have been to as an author by a massive margin.

The number of cultures, ideas, and brilliant minds who
came together in this wonderful festival was staggering. I met authors from all around the world, and found all of them to be both very personable and extremely intelligent and experienced; if I had the time, I would have gladly listened to a seminar by every person I met there. As I gave presentations for the Elementia Chronicles and attended various festival events, I was overseen by an exceptional staff who truly did all they possibly could to make the stay enjoyable. All in all, the festival truly did blow my mind. I will never forget it, and I hope that I am able to make it back to the festival again in the future.

Over the next few weeks, I will post several more blog entries discussing specific aspects of the Festival, so stay tuned!